Sendiio superior to myMailit Autoresponder

The Sendiio service will provide you an emailing and autoresponder program very cost effectively. This is especially useful for those small businesses and business start ups when business expenses need to be mitigated and kept low for the long run. Typically for active online marketers and large firms, emailing is one of the larger ongoing expenses. A new platform is on the scene now, providing a needed change.

You will be direct now to Sendiio when you click the checkout above. ⬆️ Sendiio is more recent and much better for communication. Happy emailing!

Sendiio (above) better than myMailIt public release early April 2018

Easy Sketch Pro – Sketch to Live and Animation Video Production and NOW to Sketch Genius

3.0 available now! 

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Software Special Pricing on Easy Sketch Pro 3.0

You will be direct now to Sketch Genius when you click the checkout above. ⬆️ Sketch Genius is more recent 2022 and much better for animation. Happy videolizing!

Easy Sketch Pro – Just a little help for you

Easy Sketch Pro Whiteboard Animation Software

Here are a few Creative Ideas to get you started on “Thinking Outside The Box”

Take a look at each of these video clips by Easy Sketch Pro customers that can help with that dosage of motivation you have actually been searching for. We all understand video clips are the advancement of the Internet. It is a well recorded fact that video clips are being used on almost every product release available. As you view these, realize that these are merely some creative ways, ideas, training; yet, you can come up with your very own concepts to videolizing drawings, creative animation, learning new drawing techniques and to assist with advertising and advertising and marketing your products, services, local company, internet marketing or affiliates. You can also discuss these video clips on your facebook, twitter, youtube, and various other social network accounts to attract consumers as well as possible affiliate partners.

We trust easysketchpro on domain built for you to offer the masses around the world a creative video product for producing video of whiteboard animation and sketch to video masterpieces that you will be proud of and cater to your creative juices. Make this domain site work for you! Let your imagination only limit what you want to put to video.

Easy Sketch Pro training 101

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Powerful Video Apps



Improve Revenue AND Save Thousands With FOUR Ultra Powerful Video Software Tools

Where to get Vid Automator for video making

    • VidAutomator App – Software #1 of 4

    Want to create more than just Sketch Videos? Expand your video capabilities…

    VidAutomator app featuring 100 of professional video templates from all of the hottest and trending categories …

    Customize the templates with your images, videos, and text to Render out spectacular animated videos in minutes with zero technical experience.

    Create Explainer videos… animated videos… logo reveals… video mockups… scroll stoppers…whiteboard videos… product presentations… ecommerce videos… video ads…social media and any other type of video you can imagine.

    The templates are perfectly sized for all social platforms. You can create unlimited videos for yourself and your clients with ease.

Where to get Vid Resizer for video making

  • Video Resizer App – Software #2 of 4

With this powerful technology you can resize any video into multiple video sizes perfectly sized for all social platforms.

Turn a single video into multiple dimensions and sizes within minutes and share the video onto different social media platforms to drive more traffic and sales!

Easily add emojis, text, stickers, images to your resized videos to wow effect and grab more eyeballs.

Where to get Video Player for video making

  • Video Player App – Software #3 of 4

Convert any YouTube or Vimeo video into a beautiful video player with groundbreaking features not available anywhere else.

VideoPlayer gives you total control over your videos. No ads, no distraction, no monthly fees or expensive video hosting costs.

Leverages YouTube and Vimeo video hosting that is always lightning fast while blocking out all the distractions and ads. Save thousands on video hosting fees.

Where to get Vid Editor for video making

  • Vid Editor App – Software #4 of 4

Vid Editor is a brand new 3-in-1 video editor, screen capture and text-to-speech voice generator app hosted on the cloud with groundbreaking features not seen in any other comparable app before!

i) Camtasia Style Timeline Video Editor interface to cut, edit, merge and organize video clips.

ii) A Powerful Loom Like Screen Capture App to record anything on your computer and create amazing tutorials, videos courses, presentations and more.

iii) A HD Webcam Recorder to instantly record your face and create amazing talking head videos in seconds. Add a personalized touch to every video with your face in seconds without needing multiple video apps.

Additional revolutionary features included make this a game changer…

In-app voice recorder,  text-to-speech in over 50 languages and accents, green screen removal, huge library of motion text effects & animations, zoom-in and pan effect and unlimited video renders!

NOTE: These four available video apps are offered via an upgrade to the SketchGenius product purchase.

Detailed Web Hosting and Service by Insty



The best hosting system built

Join Insty Hosting and Services for $1.00

Consider all this about Insty

The Insty system was built by a marketer for marketers. You are helped from getting stuck by technical troubles. Insty’s ‘Drag and Drop’ system will help you make sites that help you make money online. Insty has taken the hard work out of making a marketing based site.

Once you are in the canvas, just put in your words and start pairing your content with a beautiful design, block-by-block. Within minutes, you’ll have a complete, beautiful webpage. If you can stack blocks, you can build a site. It’s that simple, yet powerful and fully customizable with better content; it is better focused, and better designed for results in mind.

Most importantly, your site will be geared to get visitors. Creating fresh content is as easy as jotting down your latest thought. Search engines (like Google) are a BIG part of the website industry, and they reward your great content with lots of visitors.

When others give you less, we at Insty give you more. We at Insty don’t lock you in and actually make it easy for you to ‘venture out’ and try new technologies if you want to. You don’t have to; but, here at Insty you have the freedom to. Insty pages builder is integrated into a standard cPanel account, which means you have a significant advantage. You can use WordPress along with our Insty pages builder. Insty is the only host provider that does this.

Your website will be successful. Whether you are looking to sell physical, or virtual products (or even both), or make money recommending products to your loyal followers, Insty has you covered for Easy eCommerce, Recurring revenue, being an affiliate and getting paid to recommend.

As a marketer you’ve got to build lists and at Insty Email marketing is easy to do by building newsletters, capturing leads, and by setting up automated response sequences to drive traffic to your site. Insty has created a powerfully simple email marketing system and integrated it seamlessly into your website. Insty wants you to stay focused and Insty’s support is in your corner and is your most valued tool. You don’t need coaching, Insty is here to help you. Insty has different plans; one that will fit your needs.

Insty review is easy under a 14 day $1.00 trial

RAL Hi-Jax to maximize clicks and higher commissions

Hi JaX, by RAL, is for any marketer or business, for any niche and for making profits Facilitates Increased Traffic by combining bonus page with sales page

“Hi Jax” is a scarcity and pagejacking software developed by Brett Rutecky and was released February 22th, 2018. The claim of this software is to reduce lost traffic by overlaying a video which offers a bonus by overlaying a sales page that has been pagejacked. Since sending traffic directly to a sales page does not convert very effectively, landing pages (or sometimes called bridge pages) are typically used to pre-sell visitors with the use of a bonus or bonuses and other incentive offer(s). However, due to the typically inherent additional step, traffic is often lost. The RAL Hi Jax minimizes lost traffic by simplifying the process. Traffic converts much better because the action process only requires a single step prior to purchasing.

Albeit, other softwares by developer such as VideoTakeover and Super Jacker – the cloud version (successor to the Jack Jacker and Jack Jacker Gold plugins) use similar approach methodology; the Hi Jax tool was developed with a specific purpose in mind which it does superbly.

The most power-jacking tool ever made for affiliate marketers. Comes with both the software and the training.

Product No longer Available

Hi Jax this product is sold out

Play and Win, a top level email list builder

Play and Win, an email list building MACHINE with slots and spin wheel

Play and Win is simple system for building a marketer’s email list by providing an easy and fun approach to subscribers to receive a chance to Win an available product (prize).

Play and Win is a slots and wheel of fortune game for email list creation and social interaction to facilitate increased marketing potential. This product is intended to work well with the myMailit E-mailer platform.

info on Product No longer availableProduct sold out

Autoresponder Emailer Platform Sendiio exceeds myMailit



The Sendiio service will provide you an emailing and autoresponder program very cost effectively. This is especially useful for those small businesses and business start ups when business expenses need to be mitigated and kept low for the long run. Typically for active online marketers and large firms, emailing is one of the larger ongoing expenses. A new platform is on the scene now, providing a needed change.

You will be directed now to Sendiio when you click the sales page or checkout above. ⬆️ Sendiio is more recent and much better for communication. Happy emailing!


Sendiio (above) better than myMailIt released to the public early April 2018 (below)

myMailIt is going to grow quickly by providing a suitably functional and cost effective system for marketers, entrepreneurs, small business and established firms.

Experienced marketers realy like myMailit
If you have any kind of online business you will need to have (or get) an email service. All existing providers charge very hefty recurring monthly fees – until now with myMailit! myMailit is an emailing autoresponder system that the developer/creator solely uses; and will be a good fit for anyone… I am going to be using this system a lot now that it is being made available to the public. Get this top tier marketing tool that I am confident will help you with your business.


Product no longer available

myMailIt emailing and autoresponder

When it comes to myMailit, it is a full featured, cloud based email platform that allows unlimited subscribers and unlimited emails without a monthly fee. While this is the ‘next evolution’ to the original MailIt plugin do not let the similar name fool you. It is not an upgrade or a new version. myMailIt is not a WordPress plugin and is a completely new system build from the ground up as a cloud based platform with a ton of new features such as:

The ability to schedule emails and have them go out at any date or time in the future. You can set the platform to work in any timezone you like, and the system will also automatically create an alternate text based version of your emails for maximum deliverability.

The ability to create unlimited automatic follow up sequences that get sent to your subscribers. These sequences can also have unlimited emails in them.

The ability to create email lists that are single or double optin so you can be complaint with local emailing  regulations. You can also create forms that are designed to be compliant with the new European Union GDPR regulations.

A full featured drag and drop form builder so you can create optin forms that make you look professional and get maximum conversions. Full stat tracking and reporting.

Sold Out

… and way to many more features to list here…