RAL Hi-Jax to maximize clicks and higher commissions

Hi JaX, by RAL, is for any marketer or business, for any niche and for making profits Facilitates Increased Traffic by combining bonus page with sales page

“Hi Jax” is a scarcity and pagejacking software developed by Brett Rutecky and was released February 22th, 2018. The claim of this software is to reduce lost traffic by overlaying a video which offers a bonus by overlaying a sales page that has been pagejacked. Since sending traffic directly to a sales page does not convert very effectively, landing pages (or sometimes called bridge pages) are typically used to pre-sell visitors with the use of a bonus or bonuses and other incentive offer(s). However, due to the typically inherent additional step, traffic is often lost. The RAL Hi Jax minimizes lost traffic by simplifying the process. Traffic converts much better because the action process only requires a single step prior to purchasing.

Albeit, other softwares by developer such as VideoTakeover and Super Jacker – the cloud version (successor to the Jack Jacker and Jack Jacker Gold plugins) use similar approach methodology; the Hi Jax tool was developed with a specific purpose in mind which it does superbly.

The most power-jacking tool ever made for affiliate marketers. Comes with both the software and the training.

Product No longer Available

Hi Jax this product is sold out

Play and Win, a top level email list builder

Play and Win, an email list building MACHINE with slots and spin wheel

Play and Win is simple system for building a marketer’s email list by providing an easy and fun approach to subscribers to receive a chance to Win an available product (prize).

Play and Win is a slots and wheel of fortune game for email list creation and social interaction to facilitate increased marketing potential. This product is intended to work well with the myMailit E-mailer platform.

info on BuyZis.com Product No longer availableProduct sold out

RAL Autonars, Having a RAL product is where the money is

RAL Autonars is the conversion SOLUTION for any online marketer Fully Automate webinar delivery using Autonars. Autonars, by RAL, offers the conversion solution for anyone online. Webinars are today’s infomercials of the internet and are therefore great for converting prodpects into buyers better than any other means. Autonars lets you fully automate webinar delivery and puts your profit making on autopilot.

Consider this: No monthly fess, no need for you to be live on each session as the software takes care of everything.

With ZERO monthly fees for unlimited webinars and unlimited attendees… that in itself is a treat!

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