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Video Editor

Vid Editor App Software

Vid Editor is a brand new 3-in-1 video editor, screen capture and text-to-speech voice generator app hosted on the cloud with groundbreaking features not seen in any other comparable app before!

i) Camtasia Style Timeline Video Editor interface to cut, edit, merge and organize video clips.

ii) A Powerful Loom Like Screen Capture App to record anything on your computer and create amazing tutorials, videos courses, presentations and more.

iii) A HD Webcam Recorder to instantly record your face and create amazing talking head videos in seconds. Add a personalized touch to every video with your face in seconds without needing multiple video apps.

Additional revolutionary features included make this a game changer…

In-app voice recorder, text-to-speech in over 50 languages and accents, green screen removal, huge library of motion text effects & animations, zoom-in and pan effect and unlimited video renders!

Get the VidEditor app with 3 other apps

Get the SketchGenius app AND as an upgrade the four (4) Vid apps

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